Meet Miles!!! This handsome boy is coming to us by way of our South Carolina rescue partner!! Here is what they have to say about him:

“Miles is a super sweet, playful 4 year old neutered male beagle rescued from the urgent list at an over-capacity rural North Carolina shelter. He arrived there as a stray with another dog and was not claimed. At the time, he was in good weight but missing some fur. Luckily for Miles, a fantastic foster home stepped up for him and gave him the time he needed to regrow a full coat and get the vetting he needed.

He has spent a few months in foster care and has quite the fan club! Miles has a pearly white smile that will melt your heart and very unique markings/coat pattern. This cutie loves people and other dogs, he makes friends with every new dog he meets and really enjoys playing with his foster brothers and sisters. After play time, he enjoys a good snooze laying in the sun. He would love a dog friend to play with in his new home but would also do well as the only dog in the family.

While Miles gets along with all his dog friends, people are his “main squeeze”. He adores attention and is very much a “people person,” he loves to be wherever you are. He would be happiest in a home where there were people around a lot and another dog, and if you work from home like his foster mom – even
better! He is a very social little guy! He is overly interested in the two cats at his foster home so a home without kitties would be best as he will chase them but won’t hurt them. Miles loves to run around
in a fenced yard, he would be fine being a leash walk only dog too but loves his zoomie time. A perfect yard for him would be privacy fenced as he does know how to climb a chain link fence (he is a bit of an escape artist- really his only fault), if left alone in a chain link fenced yard he will find a way to go up and over to visit people at the neighbors so do be careful/mindful of this. He has never tried to dig
out. He has attempted to climb when he saw something super interesting he wanted to investigate but was easily redirected by his foster mom.

Miles is fully crate trained and knows to ask when he needs to go out. He is an absolute snuggle bug who would glue himself to you if he could and as adorable as can be! He is not as vocal as many beagles are but he will bark some when left alone, so apartment living would not be best for him if someone isn’t home. Miles loves every person he meets, does great for baths and vet visits. This affectionate boy will make an awesome pet for a family looking for an outgoing, happy guy who will
give as much love as possible to his humans. If adopted as an only dog, Miles would love play dates with doggy friends to have his social time. He loves belly rubs too, so those are a requirement for his new family to provide!”