Meet Lola!! She is approximately 5.5 years old and only weighs around 8 pounds!

Lola is a typical Chihuahua- large personality in the tiniest body. She full of spunk, sass, and a lot of love to her people.

We were contacted by our local animal shelter about Lola and her brother Louie. The animal control officer had been called to a local junkyard after they were found dumped in a crate. We took the time to figure out if they were bonded and what their unique needs are. They thrived when alone, so we decided that would be best because like most siblings, they definitely had their moments of sibling rivalry.

While being in foster we have found that Lola doesn’t want to share her home or people with other animal pals. She is a diva, and needs to be the center of attention. Her favorite thing to do is cuddle on her persons lap under a nice warm blanket. Don’t try to resist her, because she will find a way to burrow herself in! But, just when you think she is sleeping, she may get a burst of energy and need to get up and do some zoomies or chase her tail, but then she’s right back on your lap taking a nap.

We can tell that Lola was not socialized much, because she is fearful of new people. But with time and patience she will gain trust. Because she has some fear of new people and new environments, we are requiring a home without small children. Teenagers who have dog experience and a quieter home will be best for this little lady.

Lola is crate trained and house trained. However, she will have the occasional accident but it’s only because her cues to go outside are missed. She is spayed and all of her vetting is up to date. This sassy little one is ready to find a home of her own where she can be spoiled and loved on like the queen she is.