Louie is an approximately 6 year old Chihuahua. He is a little guy, weighing around 10 pounds.

Louie came to us with his sister, Lola. They were found locked in a plastic crate in a local junk yard. The ACO of the city brought him to the local animal rescue league. Like most shelters, they were completely full and reached out to us to see if we could help and of course we couldn’t say no to that face!

We found that despite living together for most of their lives, Lola and Louie are in fact better off being separated. We truly do not know their history before they were found. We can assume that they were likely either in a home with one owner, and/or they just were not socialized well. Louie is weary of meeting new people, men especially. He gets nervous and anxious, but if he is given time to approach on his terms, and make sure that this person is safe to him, he will let his guard down and be the best companion. He loves to be in your lap, snuggled up watching TV, and will roll on his back in the most adorable way just to stare at you. Once he loves you, he loves you HARD!

Louie loves playing with his toys, but can be protective of them, especially new toys to him (or what he thinks are toys). He can be a little mouthy when he plays, so we are requiring a home with no children (older teens would be okay). He is housebroken and will tell you when he needs to go outside, but he is also puppy pad trained as well. He is also very happy in his crate, and will sleep without an accident or peep through the night. Louie is dog selective, and since we do not know what he has experienced, we are recommending a home with no other animals.

This little boy is ready for his forever home. While he has his quirks, he is a lovable guy, who just wants his own person. He would thrive in a home with one or two adults, that is calm and who will give him the time and patience to settle in and show his adorable personality.