Yellowstone Litter

Meet the Yellowstone Litter: , Rip Wheeler, Jamie Dutton, , Jimmy Hurdstrom, Beth Dutton, Monica Dutton!!!

This crew is currently 12 weeks old. Their mom, Summer (who was just adopted last week!!) was found as a stray and brought to a rural shelter in September 2022. Soon after being there it was found she was pregnant. She could have been spayed, and the entire litter lost, but that didn’t happen. Instead she spent her entire pregnancy in the shelter until she delivered them on October 29th, 2022.

Summer was an amazing momma to these littles, making sure they were all fed, clean, and kept warm at all times. Now this crew is ready to find their own homes!! We were told Summer is an Australian Cattle Dog/Blue Heeler Mix (which we can see!) but we have no idea who her mate(s) were so these littles are definitely a mix of breeds.

These puppies have been survivors. From being born in a shelter, overcoming a mom who had not been properly cared for when she got pregnant, to surviving parvo, they have surely proved that they are fighters (similar to their namesake show!) and will overcome the odds. If you’re ready to bring a new family member home, one of these littles will surely be happy to be your new best friend!

Like all puppies, they will need puppy training, including crate and house breaking but these guys are sweet and smart like their momma and with some direction from their family they will learn fast.