Meet Venus! She is a one year old pitbull mix who weighs around 65 pounds. She’s got a lot to say so here goes!

“Hi friends! I’m Venus! I’m looking for my new home! I had a home, but my person decided they didn’t want me anymore and dropped me off at a shelter. Everyone loved me so much but they kept saying my day was coming and I really thought that mean I was leaving soon. Then I learned what that meant and it made me so sad because I didn’t want to die. My friends at the shelter came to take to my picture and said they were going to save me if they could. Well whatever they did worked because the next thing I knew I was leaving that loud and scary place behind!!

Okay, so you heard my dad past but let’s talk more about me. I’m a thicc girl. Can’t stop won’t stop from loving food. Sorry. My booty jiggles with every step I take and I get told a lot I’m so wiggly and bouncy and happy. I mean who wouldn’t be when you almost crossed the rainbow bridge like me! I LOVE LIFE!! My foster friends gave me a modeling shoot and I think the bunny ears and camera added 10 pounds… going to have to do some training on proper angles with them!!

Ok ok, so, I need a new family. Maybe someone who will get me a little more active and some “healthy” treats and snacks (I embrace my curves but they say they gotta go 🙄). I love other dog pals, and everyone I meet. I have not met a cat yet, but I’d be willing to try to meet a new friend if you want that! I also haven’t been with kids, but I would try that too! Like I said, my booty shakes and wiggles when I walk so I can’t promise I won’t knock over a little kiddo, but give me an older kid and we should be good together.

So, if you like a gal with curves, going for walks and adventures, and looking for a new bestie, I’M YOUR GIRL. Go to our website and fill out an application for me! But don’t listen to my friends if they say I need a diet… really… you can ignore them… please… make sure you have treatos for me…”.