Thelma and Louise

Meet Thelma and Louise! These two little ladies are approximately 5.5 months old, and they are chihuahua mixes. They have special medical needs so please read carefully. Louise is brown and white and Thelma is black and white.

Thelma and Louise came to us after being found on the side of the road. They were severely underweight and desperately needed extra support. Lee got them into foster quickly and we soon realized something just wasn’t quite right. Louise had pneumonia, so we had them both checked at our veterinarian. Their x-ray’s showed pneumonia and a suspicion of MegaEsophagus. This so SO rare, we couldn’t believe that we possibly had two more puppies with it after already having one previously. We contacted our specialist in Louisiana and got little Louise seen first. Our worse fear was confirmed, that not only did she have ME, but it was congenital and surgery would not be an option. We got the same diagnosis for Thelma two weeks later.

So, why is this special? Well, MegaEsophagus is when the esophagus is enlarged and loses the ability to push food into the stomach. The food stays in the esophagus and is later regurgitated. This can cause severe pain, and ulcers. There is also a high chance of aspiration, which is what was their initial problem when they came to us.

Because of this condition, these girls will only ever be able to eat food in a milkshake consistency. They must eat standing up or sitting in a special chair, and remain upright for 20 minutes after feeding. The same goes for drinking water. They do take a medication before each meal, and a daily medication, but we will provide a supply of those medications at adoption.

Thelma and Louise are adorable little girls! Their foster mom says that they both have a little bit of sass to them but we wouldn’t expect anything less for these two survivors! Louise can be a little protective of her human when she is being held, but not horribly so. Louise is the boss in this duo and Thelma is a little sneakier. They both love to cuddle and are good with dogs, cats and kids.

These girls beat the odds. If they hadn’t been found that day they would not have survived. They have fought so hard and despite this diagnosis they can both lead happy lives! We typically do not adopt siblings together, but these two could remain together, or be adopted separately. We know their perfect home or homes are out there and we hope someone will give them a chance despite their medical condition.