Meet Taffy! She is a 3 year old mixed breed gal.

Taffy is a very bouncy, excited, playful, lovable and sweet pup. She loves to follow you around with her favorite ball and will play fetch in the yard as long as you’re willing to keep throwing the ball. Her floppy ears are outta control cute, and she is a snuggly dog who loves to lie next to you, or on top of you sometimes thinking she’s a 60lb lap dog. She loves her foster dog brother and would do well with an easy going dog in the house. She needs humans that will give her time to settle in to a new place and trust them, and a very slow introduction period to any other dog in the home. Decompression time regulations are a non-negotiable necessity with Taffy, as is a cat-free home. She would do better in a house with no kids.