Anyone that spends a few minutes petting Taffy falls in love. While Taffy has been enjoying the summer with her foster mom & foster-dog-brother – this sweet baby deserves a forever home!!
She’s such a charmer with her silly, happy, sweet, clumsy and playful personality.

She’s always smiling, with her floppy ears moving every which way and her wiggle butt and tail always going! Taffy is full of love to give and just wants to be by her human’s side. She’s such a special dog and will be your best friend, your ride-or-die: cheering you up when you’re sad, snuggling you on the couch (as close as possible, probably on top of you), following you around the house happily (usually with a ball in her mouth) and making sure you are happy.

Taffy is also not for the faint of heart. For anyone willing to give Taffy the patience and time to get to know them, settle into a new place, have an established routine, and hopefully let her have plenty of time out of the dreaded crate and with her human- she will make the best dog! She has some anxiety and fear reactivity with other dogs. She is also very trainable and can be easily corrected. Taffy loves hard, plays hard and trains hard. She is so eager to please you, and training helps her focus on a job. If you’re willing to work with Taffy and do what she needs to set her up for success, she will pay you back with the unconditional love of a great dog and a unique bond that is so very special. She needs very slow intros with other dogs- submissive dogs may be her type of pal; absolutely no cats in the home for this lady, and no kids (her strong wiggly excitement may knock them over unintentionally); and following strict decompression guidelines are necessary.

Taffy is a once-in-a-lifetime dog. “Difficult things aren’t easy, but they are worth it!!”

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