Meet Snowy!!! She is a one year old boxer mix. She is a medium sized gal, weighing just under 50 pounds. She is coming to us from our South Carolina partner. Here is her bio:

“Snow is a bit over a year old, 48 pounds, Spayed boxer mix. She was posted on Craigslist for free while she was in heat and picked up by a breeder. She then ended up in rescue due to an animal control bust within days of being picked up from Craigslist so she was spared the life of a having puppies in a back yard. When her original family was contacted it turned out she had a relatively happy life as a puppy and had previously lived in a home with teenager although it seems seems she was kept outside a lot. Snow loves people, older kids (she hasn’t been around small kids) and other dogs. Due to her size, age and medium energy level ( she can be excitable and playful at times) older kids would be best for her. She is leash trained, she loves car rides and the outdoors. Snow has been around cats and seem to be okay with them, she has never really bothered them. Snow does know simple commands like sit and come. She is still very much a puppy and enjoys life thoroughly, she had a touch of shyness to her around some new people (but not much) and accepts anyone she isn’t sure of within moments. Her shyness manifests simply by not running up to greet every stranger. Some people she will bound straight up to. She plays like a puppy and loves to be next to you and is always looking for praise. She is not a fan of taking baths but does okay with it now (two person Job or she needs to be tied to the shower rail as she will jump out). Snow accepts the crate and is doing well with understanding crate training and is getting better with it every day. Snow had been allowed to give hugs in her previous home so is working on learning not to do that. If she is let out at appropriate intervals she does not have any accidents at all. She can make it over night but needs to be let put first thing in the morning. She responds well to correction and is eager to please. She is a happy typical teenaged puppy who will love you unconditionally. She’s a very sweet girl who is ready to learn the rules of your household and become a New England pup.”