Meet Smiley!! He is approximately two years old and mixed breed. Here is his bio:

Smiley is estimated at 2 years old. He is a neutered male and 54 Pounds and is the biggest smiling baby ever. He came in to the local South Carolina shelter as a stray and was never claimed, he was a shelter favorite as he was the only people and dog friendly dog in the building at the time. Smiley is good with other dogs, Sweet and and can be playful if inspired. Smiley is an over all mellow guy who is quiet and as kind as they get. He loves to cuddle with his people and is appropriately affectionate without being too pushy and gives the sweetest gentle kisses. He is a big baby with a gentle soul. Smiley has a touch of silliness in him, he is not a dominant guy at all. Upon arrival into foster care he did not like to cross certain thresholds on to tile floors initially but with a little practice he learned quickly. That was his one quirk, he would just sit down or lie down and look at you with his big brown eyes seemingly worried and quizzical. He didn’t mind carpet or wood floors. He was able to overcome this with a little coaxing (hot dogs work wonders) or a quick tug on the leash. He doesn’t mind being crated at all and crate training has been pretty easy for him. He goes in and just stays there quietly. He knows how to sit and learning to “give paw.” Smiley leash walks nicely and would likely enjoy quiet suburbs and leisurely strolls wherever you want to go. If it’s not too hot he will enjoy a longer hike too, he enjoys the outdoors when hanging out with a human. He will also enjoy his play time out in the fenced yard off leash, he is not super energetic but will play and get silly if the mood strikes (he is not a total couch potato….just a lot of the time!). He is sweet and goofy and unassuming.This sweet guy will steal your heart if given the chance to meet you! This special boy deserves all the kindness in the world.

His cat test went well, while we do not think he has lived with cats before he was polite and mildly inquisitive and totally non reactive to meeting a cat loose and in an indoor setting. He sniffed without being over zealous or too interested and gave a gentle kiss on top of the kitty’s head. We feel should be fine with cats though this should be further investigated. This gentle boy did was very good about it, he never did anything remotely concerning or scarey with the kitty he met.