Meet Skye! She is approximately 2 years old and a beautiful husky. She’s been in foster and here is her story:

“Skye was found roaming Houston, TX. She seemed well-fed, but was heartworm positive. Most of the people who encountered her (at the Pound, temporary boarding) described her as “laid-back, sweet.” When she came to us in foster care she was initially a little quiet but seemed happy and curious. After a couple of days she really opened up and got comfortable. She completed her heartworm treatment process of medications, shots and rest over 2 months with us. She seemed to feel pretty good throughout the process and recovered back to her normal personality right after her shots.

Skye is a fun ~ 2-year-old mini husky. She loves being with people and other dogs. Her favorite game is tug of war, including bringing people her tug of war toy and rubbing on their leg to tease them into playing – it’s so cute! She has been hanging out with our family including kids (ages 5 and 7) and a 13-year-old spaniel. She gets along really well with dogs; she would love to have a playmate. Though the 13-year-old dog is not very interested in playing with her, she has adjusted nicely, enjoys hanging out near him, and doesn’t bother him much. She loves going for neighborhood walks, dog parks and taking long naps on the couch. Surprisingly for a husky in Texas, she also loves naps in the sunshine! She has an expressive face and ears, a beautiful girl who loves to nuzzle and sniff people and dogs.

She seems to thrive with 2 short walks a day and one longer exercise like a long walk, visit to park, tug of war, etc. She is house-trained as long as she has access to outside several times a day. She LOVES mealtime. She would do well with another dog, with a family with kids, and/or someone who wants to include her in their active lifestyle. Skye is a really special good girl!”