Meet Shelby!! She is a 2.5 year old Bluetick Coonhound mix. Shelby came to our rescue as a puppy with her littermates. She was adopted into an amazing home, but due to severe health concerns at home, it is best for Shelby to find a new home of her own. Her family is absolutely devastated so please no negative comments or opinions. This is an extremely emotional and difficult decision and it is only being made for Shelby’s best interest. Shelby has a lot to say:

“Hi, my name is Shelby and I am two and a half years old. I’m a beautiful tan and white gal and weigh in at about 70 lb. My parents did a DNA test and I came back primarily a hound mix. Everybody who sees me says what a beautiful, sweet girl I am. Unfortunately, my parents told me that I may need to find a new home to be the best girl I can be. It is not al their fault, and it is not my fault either. I currently live with two boys, one who is six and one who is 15. One of my brothers found out he’s very allergic to me, and I’m really sad about that. I don’t want to make him sick. Mom has tried to keep up sweeping and vacuuming and making the house as clean as can be, but it just doesn’t seem to be enough to help my brother. Mom also tells me that I would be much happier if I could get more exercise, so I am hoping to find somebody who can bring me to a daycare, or even better maybe has another dog and a yard that we can play in safely! I love to run, love to sniff and love to be with my people. I try very hard to be a good girl every single day, but I am a bit anxious at times, and because I’m still young, I still get a little excited and forget my manners from time to time. I’ve gotten help from a trainer, and learned that when I can be more active, the better I can relax later on. I am housebroken, crate trained and love to lay on the couch or look out the window. I don’t need to be in my crate very often, just when Mom and Dad are leaving, and I run right in as soon as Mom grabs her pocketbook! She leaves me lots of toys in there, but not blankets because I just can’t resist eating them. I can relax easy in my crate, but at night I prefer to sleep on the couch. My favorite toys are Nyla bones or antlers. I do love playing fetch, but not a fan of giving the toy back to be thrown again! Like I said I can’t resist soft things so tend to tear apart any fur covered toy. An antler can keep me busy for hours, and my vet says my teeth are absolutely perfect! Mom seems to be worried that I was going to break them, she’s always worried! I love treats, but even more than treats I love veggies! They hang out in the kitchen when Mom cooks, and she’s so nice that she oftentimes the shares cucumbers or green peppers with me. I’m really hoping to find a home soon and somebody can help me continue to be the best girl ever. I have so much love to give!”