Shannon (PENDING)

Meet Shannon!! She is approximately a year old, mixed breed gal- maybe some pittie? Boxer? Catahoula (based on her markings)? She is a little gal, weighing in around 35-40 pounds. She will be heading north soon, and would love to have her own family waiting for her. Here is what she has to say:

“ISO of “Home”. I was lost by someone who didn’t want to find me and I ended up in a shelter. It was a nice place to stay but I really wanted this thing everyone talks about called “home”. Then this lady came to the shelter, and I thought maybe she could be “home”, so I impressed her with my playing skills and adorable cheeks, and of course she said I was going with her! Then she told me she was my “foster mom”, but promised to help me find “home”. In the meantime, she helped me learn to play nice with kids and other puppies, she fed me and promised once I fill in she wouldn’t call me a bag of bones anymore. She taught me about cuddles, walkies, car rides and play dates! She taught me to only potty outside, and that when she is gone I go to my kennel and stay quiet until she is back. She taught me tricks and gives the best treats! We have been having so much fun! But still, I keep thinking about this place called “home”… that’s when my foster momma looked at me, healthy, happy, vetted and my eyes shining bright and told me it was time to find me my HOME!!!

Oh I was so excited, this thing I dream about, maybe can be real!? When I dream of home, I’m not sure if there will be kids or other dogs there, but I would LOVE that! I would like humans or another dog that are big enough to wrestle because that is my favorite game!

In my dream home there is a big soft couch that I get to sleep on and a human who loves to cuddle! Maybe there will be chew bones and sticks, because I love when my foster momma gives me those!
Maybe my family will take me out on adventures some days! Maybe we will have lazy days where we stay in our pjs! Both of those sound like the perfect day to me! I wonder if “home” has tennis balls to play with and blankets that I can take to bed with me when I get sleepy!
.. maybe one day my dream of this place called “home” will come true..but until I find it I will just keep dreaming of being home with you.”