Meet Shake! He is 7-8 years old and is a lab mix. He’s a medium sized boy weighing around 55 pounds.

Shake has a sad story to tell. He was living with 8 other dogs when they were all surrendered to a shelter in Houston after his owner died. Luckily he was taken out of the shelter and has been such a good boy.

Shake is gentle and sweet and probably didn’t get a lot of individual attention since he lived with so many dogs. He soaks up any love anyone offers to give. He’s very calm and go with the flow. He can be nervous at first, but with a little time, he settles down and settles right in. We also think he may have been a distemper survivor as his teeth show signs of the virus and he has a slight twitch is his rear leg. We will never know for sure, and maybe this is just his two little quirks, but it is possible.