Meet Shadow! Shadow was an owner surrender in a shelter in Georgia. He is a 3 year old Pitbull mix. He’s a larger boy who weighs around 70 pounds.

Shadow has been through a lot. He was kept outside pretty much all day, tied to a run. The neighbors dog unfortunately didn’t like him and often went after him. His owner decided to surrender him instead of working on the issues with the neighbor. He also cowers at loud noises and sometimes if someone moves something too fast. We don’t know what happened to him, but we know he will never have to worry about being safe again.

Once in the shelter Shadow did pretty well considering it was a huge change for him. Unfortunately he tested positive for Heartworm and had to go through treatment before he could travel. The good news is he has arrived in MA, and is looking for his forever home.

While in foster care Shadow has met other dogs and done well. We do recommend that a slow introduction be done just because he’s been moved quite a bit. He did also meet some farm animals (a turkey, goat and pig) and unfortunately he is not about the farm animal friends. He has been working on his leash walking and doing well. He has been around children and wasn’t phased. Shadow loves to play fetch, go on walks, and nap in his favorite chair. He knows some basic commands as well.