Meet Sable! This adorable gal is approximately 10 months old. She is a short, medium sized gal. She caught our attention with her big head and little body! We truly don?t know her breeds (shelter thought shepherd/black mouth cure/pittie/mixed) but we do know she likely has some pittie/bully mixed in.

Sable is a sweet puppy. She has lots of energy, passed her dog tests, and never meets a stranger. She is a true love! When she was introduced to cats she was actually scared of them, so no feline friends for this gal.

As mentioned, Sable is still very much a puppy and will need some puppy training, but she?s eager to please! She does tend to get stressed in a kennel environment, but seems to be okay in a crate. While at the shelter she didn?t love being approached by strangers in her kennel, we think it was just from being overwhelmed and scared. But outside of the kennel, she is a dream with everyone she meets, humans and dogs alike!

This little girl is desperately looking for her forever home. She is so sweet and just needs the right family to guide her along to show her what it?s like to be a family member, and to give her that puppy training to be the best she can be.