Rooster (PENDING)

Meet Rooster! Rooster is a seven month old hound mix. He’s a funny, lovable, sweet little boy who went from Being totally shy to loving attention. Here’s what his southern foster has to say about Rooster: “He is a funny outgoing happy hound, started out shy but came around quickly! Thinking he may be a mix because he is small and looks like a medium sized coonhound! Rooster loves playing with our big foster Leo the Giant Schnauzer. They run all around the back yard playing tag! Rooster plays well with all our dogs including the little ones! He likes the cats but really likes their food the most, Lol! Rooster is 95% house trained and crate trained! He has learned to play with toys! Loves treats. Has a goofy funny semi energetic personality onve he gets comfortable. Needs more training on not jumping on you, we are working on that. Funny, going from really scared to jumping up on you pupp style in just a short time. Wants to please you. Loves everyone!”