Ray and Charles

Meet Ray and Charles!

Ray and Charles are both blind and deaf. They were dumped at a city shelter where fear and confusion set in immediately. It’s hard enough on any dog to be dumped, but imagine not having two senses and losing the only home you’ve ever known. We believe they are Chihuahua mixes, 1 and 2 years old, and they weigh in at about 10lbs each.From their foster:

“Ray and Charles are two very sweet and affectionate pups. Due to being blind/deaf they will recognize people by scent and may take a little warming up at first (cheese helps!). Once they know who you are they will get excited when they realize you are there. They LOVE to snuggle and fall asleep in your arms! They both nap a LOT. They do well with having a safe enclosed area to run free outside versus being walked on a leash. They like to stay close to one another…always curling up together to sleep. Ray gets a little distressed if Charles is taken away from him so they do best kept together the majority of the time. They love being held and petted and to nap in your arms!”

Ray is not house trained. I honestly don’t know if he ever could be. He does lift his leg in the house which can be a bit messy. The best thing to do is make sure that they are taken out very frequently to go to the bathroom. I have not seen Charles have an accident so far, only Ray.

Also their environment will need to be carefully set up because they do bump into so many things with their faces. No stairs without a gate to prevent falls etc. They do require a good amount of attention and being taken out regularly to prevent Ray’s accidents so I would think somebody who is home the majority of the time would be a good fit (otherwise they will come home to quite a mess if Ray poops!)