The Princess has arrived!

Well, not really because she came to us from a local shelter… but she’s with us now!!
Princess found herself in a local humane society, and has been waiting for her forever family for a long time. The kennel environment has started to really stress her- she was losing weight, not wanting to socialize, and just super sad.

Well she is now in foster and doing much better! Some stats about this regal gal:
She loves her humans, but isn’t a huge fan of little kids- they are a little too quick and unpredictable for her liking.
No feline friends or small pups
She needs slow introductions and time to get comfy with the pals she meets.
She does guard some of her toys, so this would need to be monitored and assessed in a new home with dog pals.
She loves to play! She loves to go on walks! She loves to be loved on and love her humans.

We know she’s got a few little quirks that don’t make her as “eye catching” as other dogs or puppies, but this sweet girl has had a hard life so far and really deserves to find a loving home of her own.

We know the perfect home is waiting!!