“Here is Pinky! She is hesitant with new people but comes around quickly with a quiet and respectful intro. Because she is a bit nervous at first, we don’t recommend she go to a home with young children. Their quick actions may frighten her. Once she is comfortable, her spunk and sass come out and she is an energetic and playful love bug. She gets along well with puppies and other dogs, although, she can come on strong with other dogs, at first, because she is so eager to play. That will settle and balance out with time. She is non-reactive to other dogs she sees but sometimes gets excited because she wants to meet them and play. She is crate trained (hardly makes a peep) and fully house broken. She is not food aggressive at all. She gets walked twice daily and is doing well on leash (I use a slip lead leash). She loves to go for a ride in the car.

From Pinky’s trainer:

“Pinky is very smart. She listens and calculates, so commands will be easy for her to understand. If she gets nervous (especially in the beginning), she could flee, so keep a close eye on her and don’t let her off leash unless she is contained in a fully fenced area and/or trained in recall. She is excellent with other dogs. She understands their body language and behavior. She’d be a great training side-kick for a dog trainer and if I didn’t have a big trip planned, I would adopt her, myself., to help me train dogs with difficult behaviors. Whoever ends up with this dog will be very lucky.”

From Pinky:
“Hi I’m Pinky. I was dropped off at a shelter and it made me very afraid of being abandoned so I am shy, at first. I really love people, but I need a slow and proper introduction, so I won’t be afraid. My trainer said that too much staring, talking to me like a baby or coming in too quick for a pat will frighten me but once I know I can trust you, I love all the attention and affection you can give to me. I am energetic and I love to play. Some of my favorite games are ‘Living room zoomies’, ‘chasing the ball’, ‘tug-of-war’ and I love going for a walk with my foster mom in the neighborhood. Sometimes, I get really excited on my walks and I try to jump up. My foster mom is using a slip lead leash to teach me to walk without pulling or jumping and it is working (although, I still sometimes jump because I am excited and happy). She is teaching me not to pull on the leash so now I walk right next to her on our walks. I met a couple of cats in their home, and I did well with them. I didn’t act aggressive or try to lunge at them. Like all dogs, though, I would need a slow and proper introduction to cats if I’m going to live them. I am a dog and have an instinct to chase something that runs away from me (Just ask the bunnies and squirrels in my neighborhood). If you think I would be a good fit for you, please take a chance on me. I am a young energetic, fun-loving, happy dog who is looking for a forever home with someone who will love me.”