Meet Page! You may remember her from a few months go when we posted about her being found. She is an approximately 4 year old a Pitbull.

Page was found when her home caught on fire. When the firefighters entered the home they found her and another female dog locked in a bedroom. They were severely malnourished, had no food or water, and were living in their own excretement. They were taken by local authorities, and brought into rescue.

Page has come a long way. She has overcome her past and the only physical evidence of her past life are her very poorly cropped ears that luckily don’t bother her.

Because Page was living in such horrible conditions and had no food, she does have some aggression with food around other dogs (understandably!) Because of this she will need to be fed separately if there are either dogs in her forever home.

She has a loud voice when she’s excited, which can be intimidating, especially when around other dogs but she really just wants to play. She is so excited to meet new dogs she can be a little more dominant so smaller dogs than her/submissive dogs would be best. We are also recommending a home without little ones because her tail can be out of control when she has her bum wiggles and we don’t want a little one to get hurt. Page has been through so much and we know her perfect family is out there!