Meet Nola! She is a 2 year old mixed breed little lady! Here is some info about her:

My name is Nola. As you can see from my photo, I’m a cutie and mom say’s my ears are the softest she has ever felt. She likes to rub them and I’m okay with that. It feels good and makes me feel loved. I’m approximately two and a half years old and love my treats. Mom gives me raw carrots every morning when she gets up. The most important thing to know about me is I LOVE playing with other dogs. Dogs of all sizes. One of my sisters is tall and weighs 67 pounds and within a week, I was all over her. Ha ha.

Some quick facts about me:

I am a female spayed lab mix. I’m small but I’m solid… that must be the lab in me. I weigh 35 pounds. I am GREAT with dogs of all sizes! I have not been tested with cats or small children. I’m super timid though so I’m not aggressive with people. I’m learning that I can trust people. It’s a work in progress but my mom says I have come a LONG way. I follow her everywhere she goes. She always tells me how proud she is of me.

Before a dog loving person caught me, I lived on the streets and people were not nice to me. The first two years of my life were very hard, and I could not trust people… NO WAY! I am learning to trust but taking baby steps. I love to be where Mom is and I follow her everywhere but I still get nervous when she approaches me. I love to play and I nip at Mom’s ankles when she walks. Well, I used to. I like following her and playing with her ankles, but she started making noises when I do it and I stop when she does that.

When I was brought to Mom, I did not trust her and did not want to be around her or anyone else. Being on my own for two years has made me very independent. I’m still nervous but I like being around Mom… I just want things to be on my terms. I’m the first one, usually the only one, to follow her to the garage when she leaves, and I am at the door when she opens it. I like laying on the couch with her and sometimes I even let her pet me. She loves it when I do that, and I don’t want to let her know but I like it too! Sometimes I even let her rub my tummy. 😊

I love laying on the couch and playing outside. Mom has a doggie door so I can go out whenever I want to. That’s really cool. I have never pottied in the house, never ever. My most FAVORITE thing to do though is to play with my three sisters. I love love love doing that. Living on the streets, my only friends were dogs and I have never met one I did not like. Dogs rock! I will not be happy in my next home unless there is at least one dog to play with. It is fun playing with them and my sisters helped me to know that it is safe to trust Mom. She must be safe because they love getting attention from her and they give her lots of kisses.

My favorite things to do are playing with dogs…. That’s my most favorite thing. I also like laying in the backyard and on the couch. I like to sleep a lot, who doesn’t? I love treats and love playing with toys. I have not found one that I can’t destroy. My least favorite thing is the leash. It scares me when I can’t get away.

Oh yeah, Mom said to tell you than I am good in a kennel. She never puts me in one but I lived in one for a month after I got my heartworm injections. Mom said it was to protect me. I couldn’t run, jump or get excited because it could cause me to have a embolism. Neither Mom nor sme wanted that! I didn’t mind. I laid quietly in there with my toys and water. Aren’t I cute in my sweater?

You may be wondering why I am looking for a new home. I am nervous about moving but I have to be brave because I want to get a new home so that my mom can help other dogs like she is helping me. I have so many friends on the streets, and I want them to know that they can be loved too. I want them to have a house and a family to love them. They deserve it. Will you please help me help my friends by freeing up space in my mom’s house? Thank you.