Nancy and Dusty

Meet Nancy and Dusty! They are three month old domestic short hair kittens. Nancy is female and Dusty is male.

Nancy is the brown tabby. From her foster: “Nancy is a rambunctious little kitten who will crawl in your lap when she’s ready for pets. Nancy is a feisty little girl but has a sweet side that she’s more than happy to show you. Nancy’s favorite thing to do is chase her brother’s tail and then cuddle up with him for a nap. She has perfect litter box manners and even lets you trim her nails.”

Dusty is the cream tabby. From his foster: “Dusty is a sweet boy who loves being held and will melt in your arms. He’s very calm and loves to watch his sister play, but he can get in on the action too. Dusty’s favorite thing to do is play with his toy mouse and then cuddle up with his sister for a nap. He is a great eater who always finishes his meals and has perfect litter box manners.”