Meet Nala!! She is a 2 year old southern belle who has an incredibly hard life in her first 2 years. Nala was listed as a beagle mix, but she definitely is heavy on the mix.

Nala was brought in by another rescue after she was found outside with 4 puppies who were estimated to be a few months old and pregnant. At just around 1-1.5 years old she had already had a litter and another one on the way. Nala was rescued with her puppies, and was supposed to go with them to a northern rescue but last minute that rescue couldn’t take her. We were asked to help and we just couldn’t say no.

When Nala arrived it was clear she was due to deliver any day. She went into labor within hours of going into foster. We were in constant contact with a local veterinary hospital and when her water broke, but not puppies came, we got her seen. At that time we were told only one heart beat was detected. We opted for an emergency c-section and to our surprise, she had ELEVEN puppies, all who were alive!! Nala did so well, we got the family home and she THRIVED as a mother. Unfortunately, Nala lost two of her puppies, but she did an incredible and got her babes exactly what they needed until they were ready for their forever families. Nala was then found to be Heartworm positive, but she has gone through treatment and is now ready for her own family. Here is what her foster says-

“ Hi! My name is Nala and I am sweet little Southern gal who is now finally living my best puppy life after having atleast 2 litters of very beautiful pups (if I may say so) in my short almost 2 year life. I love being with my people and foster pup siblings and going for walks around the neighborhood or snuggling on the couch for some TV time. Being a proper southern lady, I know how to sit and stay and am both crate and house trained and will even put myself to bed at night (although I do love some nighttime cuddles in bed with my mom and human siblings before hand). I am very gentle around my human siblings but can be a little nervous and bark when I first meet someone new. But after I get to know them it is all love all the time! I love playing and snuggling with my doggy brother and sister and like to say hi to the kitty with a sniff but otherwise leave him alone because mom says he is an old man and I need to be gentle. As I am the smallest of my puppy pals, I can be a little jumpy and mouthy when trying to get your attention but I take redirection very well and will even apologize by laying at your feet and showing my belly for some “I’m sorry” pets. Mom says I am a super special girl who will give 5x the love that I get and can’t wait to meet the family I can call my own.”