Meet Murphy! He came to us a young puppy and was adopted to a wonderful family. Unfortunately his mother needs to return him (this was a personal and difficult decision and negative comments will not be tolerated).

This is what his mom says about Murphy:

“Murphy will be 1 year old this April and weighs 60 lbs. He is such a handsome boy! He is a mixed breed of Boxer, Pit Bull and Hound (he has hunting instincts!)

He is such a love. He loves his treats and especially his toys! He does have a tendency to eat stuffed toys so please supervise!

He especially enjoys being outside for long walks and playing fetch! He doesn’t always come when instructed but it’s a work in progress!

He is unsure of strangers and is a bit insecure at times. Please be patient and introduce new people slowly. It certainly helps if treats are offered!

He isn’t the most friendly with other dogs, but may be possible for him to have doggie friends with the appropriate training.

At this time, he would be happiest in a pet free home with lots of outdoor, secure space to run around and get some energy out in between walks.

He has not been introduced to small children.

He is great walking on a leash, is house broken and goes potty outside. He can sometimes have an accident when he’s nervous or overly excited to see someone. He is very happy in his crate at night without any fuss at all.

He is such a love and well mannered ❤️ And he especially loves car rides!”