Meet Marley! She has been in foster with us for a while with no interest. She is a seven year old American bully mix. She weighs around 55 pounds.

Marley was found on the streets of Houston with one puppy. Unfortunately her only pup didn’t make it. She came into foster and needed to get heartworm treatment as well. Here is what her foster mom says:

“Marley is a very sweet, loyal, affectionate pup. She has loved every person she has ever been around. She is very playful and has great energy, loves to be outside, go for walks and snuggle. She is not very vocal unless she sees the neighborhood cat. She could do well with other dogs with a slow and proper introduction. She is best friends with her foster brother pup but took a few days to get acquainted. She is house trained, has shown no aggression when playing/eating and always has a smile on her face. She is a very happy girl looking for her forever home. Perfect for anyone looking for a loyal companion!”