❤️🐾 Lena 🐾❤️For those of you following us for a little while, you might remember Lena. She was 8 months old when we took her into rescue. She was struck by a vehicle, and for two weeks her owners didn’t get her seen by a vet. She was unable to use her back legs at all. After the two weeks from the accident she was brought to a shelter and was requested to be euthanized. We couldn’t let that happen to this young, spunky girl, so we got her out as soon as we could.

Lena has been going to hydrotherapy, receiving acupuncture and physical therapy and it has been determined that she will be able to walk again! We are amazed at this because we were told that she would never walk again. She started to learn to use the wheelchair, and did it well but she’ll be ditching those wheels!

Because Lena is doing so well, we have decided it is time to start looking for a family for her. She will have more physical therapy appointments in Walpole, MA twice a week so a potential adopter must commit to these visits without exception. There is NO financial obligation- the rescue is covering all costs of her therapy. She will also need a family who understands that even though she will walk again, she cannot be put in situations where she may get hurt- rough housing with other dogs, jumping off of furniture, etc. could risk re-injuring her back.

Lena is being fostered with other dogs and cats and is great with everyone she meets.