Meet Holstein!! He is a 4-5 year old beagle/terrier mix. He is a little guy weighing under 20 pounds. Here’s what he has to say:

“Hi! My name is Holstein and I’m a 4 to 5 year old now neutered beagle/terrier mix. I don’t really know what the beginning of my life was like, but a while ago someone found me in a dumpster in South Carolina and my new life began! I was taken to the emergency vet and one of the ladies there offered to foster me. At first I was really weak and I wasn’t able to stand or walk, or even lift my own head up. My foster mom said that I was super emaciated, but that everything else was fine. I was negative for heartworms and intestinal parasites which my foster mom said was a miracle! When foster mom took me home I only weighed 9lbs but today I weigh 18lbs! I still need to gain about 3 to 4 more pounds max but I shouldn’t get above 22lbs total- this means I’m never going to grow into my long legs. I had my rear dew claws removed because the vet said extra toes that were floppy could be a problem in the ice crusted snow up north and that’s where I’m going to live soon.

Even though I now get 2 square meals a day, I don’t feel like I’m EVER going to get enough food. I’m not mean about it ever, but I WILL try to beat you to any dropped food (I don’t resource guard I just yummy stuff!). My foster mom calls me her personal Bissell, which might not have been a good thing since she was pulling a carrot out of my mouth at the time. She said that was a human snack, I disagree!! I still love her though. I love everyone! I love my foster dog brother and my foster cat brother and the horse neighbors and the birds outside… I even love kids, but I get a little too excited and tend to knock tiny tots over. Foster mom has been trying to work with me about that but I’m not perfect yet so she thinks I would be happiest in a house with older children.

I would love to find a forever family that will put all my newfound playful energy to use. I would be excellent at agility, because I love to learn and be trained! Honestly, a family that would like to run or play fetch with me would be fine too. Just play and have fun! I figured out the dog door all by myself and I picked up on the electric fence like a champ. I am doing well on house/crate training but I still do make mistakes occasionally. Foster mom says that I am very conscientious and responsive to verbal reprimands though, so it shouldn’t be long now! I’m a very clean little guy. Foster mom says that I came in covered in refuse and that the stains will go away with time, they are almost gone now. I love baths though, so no worries about it if I do get a little dirty while playing. I love going to work woth foster mom and greeting anyone and everyone!

I hope you have some room in your life for a long legged wiggly little moo cow dog like myself!”