Meet Hollie! On Christmas night this girl was found in the middle of a very busy intersection in Lafeyette, Louisiana. People were swerving to miss her and sadly there were a few people TRYING to hit her 😡
Luckily one of our amazing fosters saw this happening and stopped right away. Hollie jumped in her car, and immediately went to sleep. Grateful for warmth and safety. No one came for this sweet girl, so now she’s with us!

Hollie is approximately 3 years old based on the veterinarians exam. She is around 40 pounds. The first few days she was in foster she was so shy. She would retreat to her crate and lay down when she was scared. But with more time, her foster mom got her out her shell and made her feel safe and she has BLOSSOMED!

Hollie passed her dog tests, and gets along well with other dogs! She hasn’t met any feline friends yet. She has not been exposed to children just because she doesn’t live with any currently.