Meet Holly!! She is a six year old white and yellow Labrador Retriever mix. She is a plump little lady right now but with some exercise she will slim right down!

Holly is in foster, and this is what her foster has to say:

?This girl is incredibly affectionate and loves to cuddle. She?s low energy and is happy with a daily stroll and some play or training time and I have to say, she is kind of unbelievably perfect. She is ridiculously sweet, affectionate, quiet in the house yet alert and will only bark to let you know she thinks there?s something out there that merits your attention. She walks beautifully on the leash, and plays quietly with her toys (which she?ll first happily bring up to you to show you her choice). She knows her basic commands, is house and crate
trained, and loves to play catch – she catches a ball mid air, brings it back, and drop it right at your feet!

She is overweight but eagerly and gently takes her thyroid pill ($6.00/month at www.800-petmeds) with a coating of peanut butter on it. With some fun, easy walks, she?ll likely lose the weight quickly and be an ideal addition to your family. Honest, this one?s the one in a million.?

As mentioned Holly is on thyroid medication but if she loses some weight she may be able to come off her medication. So, if you?re looking for a friend to work out with, or just enjoy some couch time with, Holly is your girl!