Meet Greta!!!

This little lowrider is a bulldog/pittie mix. She is right around three years old and weighs around 40 pounds.

Greta was found at a local rural airport that is a common place for dogs to be dumped. She was eating trash to survive, but was not hard to catch. She stayed with the ACO while she gained some weight and waited for someone to claim her. No one came for her, but we did!

This little lady went right into foster where she has been completely loved and spoiled since. She has been fully vaccinated and spayed and is now ready for her forever home.

Greta is a couch potato. Don’t get us wrong, she will play and enjoy walks and does get bursts of energy. But she will not turn down a good cuddle session on the couch with her favorite humans. She loves a good antler to chew on, and a toy to play with too!!

People are Greta’s favorite, but other dog friends, not so much. She would do best in a home as the only dog so she can soak up all the love and attention that she deserves. She has not met any feline pals, but doesn’t pay much attention to her foster family’s chickens.