Gracie and Daisy (PENDING)

Meet Gracie and Daisy! These two girls have been together since being puppies. We would LOVE to be able to keep them together but realize that may not be feasible. They will do okay on their own, but maybe there’s a family who would love to have them both!! Our South Carolina rescue partner sent us so info to share:

“Gracie and Daisy were surrendered to an extremely rural high kill NC shelter by their owner who took reasonably good care of them until that point. They had been raised by the family since they were puppies. Their final date expired and no one stepped up. They were transferred to another municipal NC kill shelter as a last chance since they were such awesome dogs. We saw them at both facilities and could not leave them behind. The girls don’t understand what has happened to them but have taken it into stride as they are genuinely good dogs. They have done very well in foster care. Daisy is 7 years old, spayed, housebroken and good with other dogs. She weighs in at 68 pounds. Gracie is 9 years old and spayed, a bit arthritic and overweight but in very good spirits. The vet feels her mobility will improve a lot when she loses a few pounds (she is currently a very chunky 89 pounds). She is also house broken and good with other dogs. While I am sure they would love to stay together we know that is not a likely reality for them. Both will do okay on their own if adopted separately.”