Meet Goliath!! He is a six month old Anatolian Shepherd. He currently weighs 75-80 pounds but can grow to be over 140 pounds.

Goliath was adopted as a young puppy and is now being returned because he is suffering from separation anxiety (please no negative comments!!!). This is what his family says about him:

“He is currently 6 months old Anatolian Shepherd mix (most likely with a black lab). About 75-80lbs. He loves people and other dogs. Walks very well on a leash unless he finds a nice shady spot to flop down. He does not respond when other dogs bark at him. He is very quiet and knows how to sit, down, and stay. He loves car rides and sticking his head out the window. He is up to date on all his shots and was treated recently for roundworm which has resolved. He’s still learning how to hold his bladder but is good about going on pads in the house if you’re not home and telling you when he has to go out when you are home. Overall when you’re around he’s very well behaved and would be a perfect family dog or would thrive in a multi dog home as he loves to play and is usually the center of attention at day care.”