Meet Farrah!!

Farrah is a 2 year old, 60 pound, pittie mix. She was found pregnant as a stray. She was brought into rescue where she had her seven babes!

Farrah is the momma to our recent “M” litter. She is very loving and sweet, and did a great job of raising her pups. She is working on her house training and is pretty much fully trained. Farrah is very smart and listens really well. She is very food motivated and jerky is her favorite!

She does live with a cat, but has not been given free range to meet the cat. However, she has not tried to jump a baby gate (which would be easy) to get to the cat. So very slow introductions would be best if there is a cat in the home.

She lives with many large dogs and seems to basically ignore them. However, she was with her puppies, so didn’t get to interact much. Her foster is now working on integrating her into the pack and she’s doing really well.

Farrah should have a confident owner to show her the ropes in a new home. She can be shy and timid so an owner who can give her that confidence will really help her. Another dog pal in the home also would help with that boost in confidence that she needs.

This sweet girl has done an amazing job at being a mom and raising her puppies and now it’s time for her to enjoy being a dog herself. This likely wasn’t her first litter, and it’s time she comes first!