🐾 Emani 🐾❤️

Meet Emani! She is a 2 year old pittie mix. She weighs around 60 pounds. You may remember her post when we took her into the rescue after a shelter asked for help. Emani loved her life on a chain and was being starved to death. Well, with some TLC from her foster momma, she is now healthy and happy! Here is what she has to say:

Cuddle Buddy Wanted!
Do you love your weighted blanket? Do you get chilly when watching tv or sleeping in bed? Do you get lonely and wish you could have a hug and a cuddle?

Hello! My name is Emani, and I love to snuggle! No I don’t mean that I like to lay at your feet. No I don’t want to lay on the couch next to you.

I want to SNUGGLE you. I want my head in your lap. I want to lay across your chest and my head on your shoulder. I want to hold you or you hold me until we both are snoring. I want to SNUGGLE!

I am about 1-2 years old, and lived most of my life on a chain. Yes-outside, alone, cold, lonely and starving. You heard that right, starving. When Animal Control saved me I was about 35 lbs under weight, and as you can see I’m not a super huge pup now weighing about 60lbs.. so I weighed about half of what I should have. The end of my tail was also being held on only by the bone. It was graphic, and horrible, but because someone saw me- I was saved, along with 5 other dogs on the property. Since the day they cut my chain and saved me, I have learned about the finer things in life!

I learned about playtime! I play with toys and other animals big and small now(although wrestle mania is my favorite game so it is best to monitor me with smaller or older animals and kids because sometimes I forget I’m not a tiny puppy.. I don’t mean to, but I was chained to a tree when I was little so i didn’t realize how big I got).

I learned about mealtime! Despite not having a single meal most nights of my life, I quickly learned I was safe and wouldn’t know what it was like to be hungry ever again! So I don’t have any food aggression or feeding issues. I am food motivated and love to learn tricks for snacks, but I only take it if I’m offered. I share my food and toys with people and pets without any issue because I know what it’s like to want food and not have any.

Most importantly, I learned about love, affection and snuggles! And I cannot get enough!! If you’re wanting to relax I’m right there with you! You grab the blanket, I’ll be your pillow!

I stay quiet in my kennel, though I would rather sleep with you.

I do have a big dog bark if I see someone in the house I wasn’t introduced to, but a few big WOOFs is all I got. I love people and dogs too much to do anything else.

I LOVE to play with other big dogs! I go to the dog park on weekends and to doggy daycare during the work week! I get along with every dog! I don’t know a stranger or a strange dog! I think everyone wants to be, and should be my friend!

My foster momma says I’m the sweetest, smartest, most loving, grateful and beautiful pup! And she has a lot of foster babies over her years of saving pups like me, so I know that she means it! Whenever she looks at me she says “you are going to make someone the luckiest person in the world!” Maybe you will be that person!