Meet Drax!

Drax is a 70lb, 5 year old, we think American Bully? We are unsure of his breed, but 100% certain he will steal your heart.

He was rescued from the streets and as soon as he got inside a home, well he wasted no time. Regarding his first time in a home:

He stayed at her house for a few nights with about 15 small dogs and all he cared about was being on the recliner. She put him in a crate, he got out, she put him in a pen, he picked up the pen and got out, she put him in the garage and he came in wearing the dog door around his neck, all so he could be with everyone in the living room.

Everyone who meets him falls in love with him and his charming personality and big smile.

He was previously heartworm positive but has been treated.