Meet Domino
Domino is a 4 year old, 55lb Pittie with quite a story to tell! Domino’s story would be perfect for one of those, “The DoDo” videos. A local citizen brought him to us. As she was running errands that day, she kept seeing him lying out by the railroad tracks all day (in the blazing heat). We think his family must’ve moved off and left him (happens way too often here). He couldn’t believe it, his heart was broken and his spirit crushed. Thank goodness that feeling didn’t last forever. Domino realized that he’s a good boy and has a lot to offer. So, he decided to shake it off, hold his chin high and show the world that he is proud of who he is. That no matter if people chop your ears off, in an attempt to make you look like a macho tough doggo. Domino was put on this Earth with a heart of gold, so he decided he would just let his little light shine.

From his local foster: Domino Delivers! Domino is a beautiful white pit bull who was found at a Domino’s pizza. Though he has earned his street cred he just wants to be a couch potato. Domino loves to be with his peeps, especially cuddling with kiddos or joining them on the trampoline to be bounced around and given their full attention. He’s great on a leash and likes pack walks but is easily provoked by other dogs in the home so he may have to be an only fur child unless your pup is submissive and you take the necessary decompression steps to introduce them. Domino gives the best “pittie kisses” and will make you laugh and feel loved.