Meet Dodger!! He is approximately 7 months old, medium sized, and a Husky mix (definitely mixed!). Dodger is a special boy coming to us from Louisiana. Here is what his foster says:

“Here is my goofball, Dodger: I found him on the streets and he had always been an outside dog, then a ‘stray’ so he never really had anyone provide for him, love him or train him. So adapting to being an inside dog has had its challenges for Dodger, but he really tries! He is nervous of new people, but just wants to hide from them. He has never growled or snapped, he just yelps, or “arooo roo roo”s at you and backs away when he is unsure if you. He jumps easily at noises and movement, but the jumps are getting less often and drastic. Now he just pulls his head away and monitors things to see if it is scary still. He is getting better and better every day though!

He loves to cuddle and LOVES to give kisses while you tell him he is a good boy and snuggle him.
He is doing really well on house training, he learned not to chew things inside other than his toys, and he usually remembers to potty outside, but sometimes when he is nervous or too busy playing with his foster friends he forgets. He is shy about going into his kennel, but is learning the command and doing well! He doesn’t potty in his kennel and doesn’t destroy his bed we put in there for him. He does howl in the kennel if he knows you’re going to let him out, but only after he sees you getting ready to let him out. He stays quiet through the night and when home alone. He does get nervous when in his kennel if you have to mess with anything (such as his bedding) but again, we are working on this. All he does is shove himself as far back into the kennel and make himself as small as possible until you’re done, then he will relax and get comfy again.

He needs a lot of mental and physical tasks, as a husky mix, so physical activity as well as puzzle toys and games are a must! Agility course candidate for sure! He loves to play with other dogs, he lets them come to him the last 20% to make sure they want to play with him, like a gentleman. He plays rough, but doesn’t bite, just mouths without pressure. He LOVES to run and gets zoomies in the yard, literally running circles around his much smaller foster friends.
He is extremely intelligent and trainable, very little reward needed- even just a “good job dodge!” And he is so pleased with himself! He is learning to play fetch, but sometimes sees a ‘squirrel’ and forgets what he is doing.

For a husky mix, he is not very mischievous, and listens well to boundaries inside. Outside he does need to be watched and corrected a few times with a “uh uh dodger” before he listens that he isn’t allowed to dig or chew something. But once he knows his boundaries, he does his best to be a good boy!”

Over the past week we have also learned that Dodger loved to play in the kiddie pool, and he is now seeking out cuddles which is a huge step for a pup who never lived in a home until he got into foster.