Meet Diesel! This almost 4 month old boy is a mixed breed/heeler mix. His brindle coat is absolutely gorgeous! Here is what he says:

“Hi, my name is Diesel and my story begins on Feb. 9th when I was born to a young Blue Heeler that showed up at a farm and hung around at the pond until she was trapped. The humans took her to the vet to check for a chip to hopefully find out where she came from. No such luck. A big surprise though when the vet said she was within 3 weeks of giving birth. I was one of 8 puppies born and my mom isn’t saying who the father is. Investigative work did find out that a neighbor’s son brought his intact brindle boxer with him when he visited his dad so other very like that might be my daddy…

Fast forward to when I was 9 weeks old and I was adopted by a nice lady with two other dogs that knew my foster mom. Long story short and without getting into details, my original foster human now has me back and it’s not my fault, they weren’t ready for a puppy even a very well behaved one. I am doing great with crate training and simple commands like come, sit, and no. I have been having a great time playing with my sister and my furmom and two other dogs here at the farm. I love chew bones and toys, following my human around the fenced in back yard, and getting lots of hugs and love and attention.
I am looking for a home where my humans have time to supervise me amd play with me as any puppy needs and continue to teach me good dog manners as I am still a puppy and have been known to mess in the house and chew things I shouldn’t when left on my own too long (I’m just a baby remember!). Even so I’m doing super well with basic commands and learning all the things I should.”

This handsome little man deserves his forever family, could it be with you?