Comancharro (PENDING)

Comancharro (PENDING)

🐾 Comancharro 🐾❤️

This big beefcake is Comancharro! You may remember him if you’ve followed us for a bit. A few months ago he was riding in the back of an open pick up truck, the owner took a corner and he fell out and broke his back femur. The owner didn’t take him to the vet but instead dropped him off at the shelter and requested he be put down. Well we couldn’t let that happen. He got surgery, was in a cast, had to heal, was treated for heartworm and is now ready for his home.

Charro, as we have come to call him, is a Mastiff/pit mix. He is muscular and large, weighing 80 pounds and he’s around 3 years old.

Charro has had a very hard few months, and we assume a hard life before that. He will need an experienced Bully Breed owner. He is stubborn and doesn’t love to walk on leash so a fenced in yard where he can do his business and come in would be best. We think he has dreams of being a couch potato. He is good with some dogs, but not all, so slow intro and a meet and greet will be required before he is placed. We are also requiring a home with no young children at this time.

*he does not need to be rushed up here and we definitely need an experienced owner. This isn’t a dog we can place on a *maybe* it’s an good fit.