Meet Chunky! He is a two year old American Bulldog mix who is looking for a new home. His owner has to surrender him due to big life changes, but she adores him and only wants him to go to the best home. This is what she says:

“This handsome 2 year old bulldog mix will melt your heart with his sad eyes and wiggle bum (his tail can clear a table in 2 seconds flat). He’s a super happy, dog friendly, people selective fella who walks while on a leash, knows basic commands (sit, wait, bed, OK, and come) and even lets you trim his nails. Chunky has a love hate relationship with the crate. He starts out happy, moves to whining and then trying to break out. We’ve had much success with a Vari Kennel (no wire crates for this big lug) and cbd oil to calm his nerves. While chunky is very dog friendly, we think it best he be the only dog in the home and have scheduled play time as he thrives in a calm quiet environment but enjoys running with friends. Because of this we feel a home with no children will be the best fit for this handsome boy. Chunky needs people who are willing and able to give him the time and patience he needs and offer slow introductions between him and others. Because this was not done in the past chunky has bitten before, and truly it was no fault of his own, he was frightened and his signals were not read properly. This boy has so much love to give and wants to please, he just needs some guidance on how to be his best puppy self.”