Meet Charlie!! His estimated date of birth is between 9/23 and 10/5, making him around 3-3.5 months old and currently weighs in at a chunky 16.2 pounds. He is coming to us from our rescue partner in South Carolina. Here is his bio:

“Meet Charlie, also known as Chunky and Chunky Monkey. He is the largest of his litter at 16.2 pounds and also the cuddliest! He is part of a litter of 5 pups born to an abandoned mother. They entered the over crowded shelter system in South Carolina, where their chances for adoption were slim. He and his siblings were some of the lucky ones, they were rescued and sent to foster care. By a miracle, a nice family stepped up for his mother.

Meet Charlie is 100 perfect snuggle bug. He loves to be held and cuddle with you on the couch, he will watch endless amounts of Netflix with you. He is the most laid back of the bunch until it’s feeding time, then that tail just goes to wagging and his floppy puppy stance is the cutest thing! He is definitely one that will be the most relaxed over all and happy to get as much human attention as possible. While he does like to play with his siblings, he is on the lazy side. Charlie just watches over the shenanigans of his brother and sisters, you can almost see him thinking “what will they do next?” This absolute mush of a pup will likely stay pretty mellow personality wise. He’s not at all shy, just the gentle giant of the litter. His estimated date of birth falls between 9/23 and 10/5.”