Meet Caesar, a 4 year old English Bulldog who weighs 35ish pounds. We know you’re only reading because of this boys handsome looks… but keep reading. At the very least, you’ll probably get a good laugh….

Christian Bale, Sean Penn, Colin Farrell, Caesar the dog…..Hollywood Bad Boys!!! Oh wait, you don’t recognize one of those names? That’s me Caesar. I’m a 4-year-old English Bulldog mix. I have to be honest with you, I’m not from Hollywood. I’m a Houston Bad Boy.

I’m cute, I mean REAL cute. Some may even say the cutest dog you’ll ever see. People say “good looks won’t get you anywhere.” I say they’re wrong. Good looks will get you everywhere.

My rescue mommas (those are the women that rescued me from the euthanasia list in Texas) fell for my good looks. They called me adorable, a little peanut, a dumpling, not the stuff a bad boy wants to hear. So, I showed them. Just like a Hollywood bad boy, I got kicked out of clubs (boarding facilities), got terrible reviews (trainer assessments), and caused them as much stress as I could possibly muster up. Now they call me a demon meatball, a class A turd, one even said I have no neck. Can you imagine?

They said if they write a post that says that I eat babies for breakfast and have bit 37 UPS drivers, I will still get apps. We will get “that’s ok, I don’t have kids and I only get FedEx deliveries.” See, told you good looks get you everywhere. Have I mentioned, I’m REAL cute.

BUT…I’ll tell you the truth, I never ate a baby and I never bit a UPS driver. My rescue mommas found me a wonderful trainer and she told them I am a good boy. I just need a really special home.

No kids

Dog experience

Needs to tell me no when I’m being a big jerk. Apparently you aren’t supposed to give me treats or baby talk me when I’m growling and being bad.

I need a family that let’s me know I’m not the boss.

I’m dog and cat friendly but should have slow introductions.

I can be food aggressive, so you need to have experience and work with me on this. I will snap if you take my food.

I don’t like kennel environments. I can learn to be good in my crate. I was with my trainer, but it takes time.

If you think you’re my new family, please fill out an application on


The Demon Meatball (aka Caesar)