Chloe & Buddy

Meet Buddy and Chloe! These two cuties are listed at approximately 12 and 13 years young, but don’t let numbers fool you. They are the poster children for the “age is just a number” saying. They never got the mail that they are senior dogs, and continue to frolic through life like most Chihuahuas do. The specifics of each:

Buddy: this Lil Dude is definition of cool and cute. He looks like a knock off Corgi miniature, and does the most adorable dances if pets, food or walks are involved. He is not shy about showing how much gusto he has for life, and is the best companion for walks (he can go 1 mile like nothing happened). He is super chill, gets along with anyone, including all shapes, sizes, ages and gender of humans. He gets along with other dogs and cats. He has been sharing space with my 3 cats and 2 dogs (50 lbs each) for almost one year now without any issues. The only thing in life that makes him not perfect is his sister Chloe…

Chloe: She is the definition of complicated and contrasts… This little one is the dog version of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde. Her first inclination is to hate everything. If you’re a stranger, no matter what you are, she will hate you at first, EXCEPT if you’re a child. For some reason she is gentle and kind with every child she has encountered during her stay with me (although I would still be very careful with any child around any dog). If you’re a guy you’re definitely out of luck, and will have to up your game and work VERY hard to win her love. If you’re a woman you won’t need to work as hard, however she will put you through the ringer until she gets to know you. However, once she gets to know you, she will be your strongest protector, and there is not a question on my mind that she would die trying to protect me. Her reactivity can be managed, but it’s there, so her person will need to take the lead keeping her, and all around her, safe. She does, however, has many redeeming qualities, and is almost an angel once she trusts you. She is housebroken and pee pad trained. She will care less for your other animals, and will keep to herself. During the day she is very quiet, and mostly sleeps. She is not destructive at all, and would love to snuggle next to you for a Netflix binge. She also loves to cocoon herself… If she has a blanket, she finds a way to swaddle herself, and pretty much disappear (she almost gave me a heart attack a couple of times). I have purchased a cocoon bed for her, and she took to it so quickly I didn’t even have the chance to remove the tag! I am also able to cut her nails and groom her without any issues.

Both: They both despise small crates and won’t use it. However, they spend most of the day inside my big dog’s crates (42″ and 48″). And they prefer to not share one big crate and actually each take one once my dogs are out for the day. I do not feel that they are bonded at all, and in fact squabbles between them are common, and I think they can get on each other’s nerves… but that’s siblings sometimes!

These two have been with me since March 2021. It breaks my heart that they don’t have a home of their own because they both still have so much love to give. I cannot fathom being their age, and finding myself in the position of not having a family and home of my own. If you have space in your home and heart to bring them into your life to continue this journey together, I know they will quickly show how worthy they are!