Meet Sage! She is a 2 year old, medium sized, pittie mix. She was rescued by our South Carolina rescue partner from a breeding situation. Here is what her rescuers say about her:

“Sage is a 2 year old brindle terrier mix that was saved from a breeding situation. She had one litter (Dory was the only puppy not sold by the time they were rescued). At that time she was tied outside and treated poorly and roughly. This sweet happy girl is now spayed and is 39 pounds fully grown so she is on the petite side. Even though Sage had a rough life in the past she is good with kids of various ages (she seems to know when its time not to be too playful), other dogs, she loves to go on car rides. She hasn’t let her past affect her future. She walks on a leash, minds well, knows how to sit and stay. Sage has never been around cats. Sage loves to run and play and do zoomies. She would love to have room to exercise in a fenced yard (though not required if her future family can provide other ways for exercise and fun). She does well in a wire crate, she is crate trained and does well outside of the crate and loves to spend time with her people. She generally doesn’t get on the furniture but loves to lay at your feet on the rug while you’re on the couch or in bed.

Sage has her higher energy moments but knows when to calm down and relax with you. She listens very well and is super eager to please. She is very smart and has done well off leash with her foster family (her recall is good). She’s a very athletic gal who can jump straight up in the air several feet (quite impressive) but has never tried to get out of the fence though she could if she wanted to. She is super people oriented and once she is attached wouldn’t leave you if paid her to. She loves everyone she meets and wants a family of her own very much. She exhibits no stranger danger or resource guarding behaviors and free feeds in her foster home. She likes to graze throughout the day but could learn to eat portions if that suited her home better. While she enjoys the company of other dogs she is most interested in her people and is a major people pleaser. She also has a penchant for all natural animal crackers.

Thank you for choosing Sage to be a part of your family. Please love her unconditionally and forever. She has the sweetest smile and deserves a fabulous life. She’s a great little dog with a great personality.”