“Brady is a 55 lb, floppy eared and tan coloured lab-pittie mix, but he’s also a pure bred love bug. He’s one of the most affectionate dogs I’ve known, and nothing makes him happier than hugs, cuddles and kisses. He will literally give his life for you, even if he’s just come to know you.

It doesn’t take a lot to make Brady happy, and that’s one of the best things about him. He could be stuck in a tiny room for the rest of his life, and as long as his human is there, he’d be the happiest dog in the world, and I’m not exaggerating.

There’s no doubt that Brady has been through his fair share of trouble. He’s scared of weird things – rolling trash cans, big cardboard boxes, decks of cards – and I’m not sure why. Given the possibility of his previous trauma/life, he does have his quirks. We’ve been working with a trainer for some time now, and he’s come SUCH a long way. His only issues are barrier aggression and dog reactivity.

Brady loves his crate and spends majority of the day there, on his own accord. He’s the type of dog that replicates the energy of the home, and if you’re working/relaxing, he’s more than happy in his crate, mostly sleeping, or playing with his toys. He knows how to go in if you tell him, but only doesn’t like it if you try and close the door. It’s something we’re working on continuously, and although he appears to be aggressive upon closing the door, it’s more of a threat than an actual readiness to bite. Either way, even if you don’t close the door, he won’t come out when you leave the house (we’ve tried with our phones recording the whole while).

In terms of dog reactivity, it’s more excitement and curiosity than aggression. He wants to say hello and can get overly excited, so he’d be best in a home where he can be the only four legged family member. On walks, he is GREAT on a leash, and follows the commands of a structured walk. He’s trained extremely well on both a slip lead, and even better on a prong collar (which he loves for some reason).

It amazes me that Brady has so much love to give, despite what he may have been through. He truly just wants to be with his family and nothing else. I promise you even if you win the lottery, his morning kisses will be the best part of your day.

Brady is such a great dog, and he just needs someone who is willing to understand him. As a foster, I made mistakes too, but as I spent time with him and got to learn more about him, I know exactly what to do around him. He needs someone who knows where to draw the line, and that line is not at all hard to see if you make the effort. I’ve come to learn so much about him, and it’s made living with him an absolute delight.

With his training, he now knows how to follow basic commands and is greatly behaved. He loves ALL people, and knows how to calm down very quickly. If he’s your dog living with you, he is calm when you want and playful if you want to play. Often times his playfulness involves growls and showing his teeth, but you will quickly learn that it’s entirely playful and harmless. However, he can be slightly aggressive around his food, but that’s only if you go right there to grab it. When he does try to dominate, all it takes is a simple “no,” and if you turn around disapproving, he goes right into his crate until he feels sorry and comes back to apologise and get pets.

Brady can keep himself entertained with toys for days, doesn’t bark, doesn’t make a mess and isn’t a fussy eater. He’s extremely well house trained and has no health issues. He’s also unusually smart, quick to learn, and very easy to train.”