Meet Boone! He is a 2 year old hound! He was a stray in South Carolina. Here’s what our southern partner says:

“Boone is a neutered 2 year old and one of the nicest dogs, let alone hounds, I have encountered in a long time. He came In to the shelter as a starved stray. The last two photos are from the day we pulled him, that was after almost 2 weeks of regular feeding. He is gentle, kind, quiet and so well-mannered. He is incredible, just the nicest dog ever. He is quiet, rides well in the car and has a genuinely kind soul. He is a tall boy and was bone thin at 52 pounds upon intake to the local shelter. His only known vice is he pulls on the leash which we are working on. Other than that he is so incredibly polite, every person who has had the pleasure to meet him has fallen in love instantly. He is affectionate yet not overbearing, the furthest thing from a stereotypical “noisy obnoxious high energy hound.” He is just a love and any of us would keep him in a heartbeat.”