“I’ve been working really hard with my fosters to be the best boy I can be. I went to a place where I stayed for a while and learned a lot! I got to meet new people, and make new friends! My foster family is great, and I really love them, but I really want a forever family. They say they want to “foster fail” but that means they can’t help other doggos in need, and that makes me sad. So I think it would be best for me to find a home of my own. My friends in the shelters need help too ya know! Here’s the thing… before my foster home, I never had a home. I lived in a shelter for two years and never got to be home with hoomans, my own toys, or anything. So, sometimes when I get scared or anxious I can get kinda loud with my voice. If I’m really scared, I’ll show my teeth. I know that’s scary, but my world has always been scary, and sometimes I feel like I need to protect myself, even though I’m safe. Going to new places seems exciting at first, but then I get scared. And sometimes I tell people I’m scared and then they don’t like me. I promise I’m a lovable guy, but it takes me time for me to figure people out and trust them. You know what though?! I love other pups! Seriously, let’s run and play and jump around and have a ball! But please.. none of those ones that meow… dogs rule and cats drool you know! So here’s the thing, the world is kinda scary sometimes for me. So I want a home that can understand that sometimes, I need space, and I need time to get to know new people. If you’ve ever had one of my type, that’s even better. The less I have to teach you how to be a good human for me, the better. I really am a good boy, and I love with all my heart! So, for this Valentine’s Day, I’m hoping someone will fall in love with me, so I can love them back! If you want to ask me more questions, send an email to my friends at the rescue. They will give you all my contact info and you can chat with my people. So go ahead… send that email ( or if you already love me, head over to and hit foster or adopt. Go ahead… you know you want to meet me!”

Blue is a special dog who needs a calm, patient family to work with him to learn the world around him. He loves his people fiercely, and because of this, he needs a home where there will not be a lot of foot traffic. No young children, and no cats for this boy. A family must be prepared for on-going training and multiple meet ups once approved. Someone familiar with the breed is preferred. This will not be a quick process to adopt, so you must be dedicated to the time we require.