Meet Blew!! He is a senior boy estimated to be 12 years old. He is mixed breed but we do see those gorgeous husky eyes in him! Here is what his foster says:

“Blew is a mature, older gentleman. While we don’t know his life story, he likely hasn’t had the best experiences with people. He is probably a husky mix, but definitely not as fluffy as your average husky. Blew is house-trained and well-behaved in the house – he is not destructive at all. He is very food motivated and is working on basic commands – he does know “sit” already.

Blew likes to be with his people. He is fine with other dogs, as long as the other dogs respect that Blew is older and can’t play like a younger dog would. Blew has been around children, but he gets nervous with sudden movements and loud noises, so we would suggest a calm house for him.

Blew might take a little time to warm up and trust you, so he might guard a toy or a bone until he knows you’re not going to take it from him. He needs a savvy, patient owner to help him with this.

Blew really is a good boy who needs someone to love him and give him a happy home for the rest of his life. He has some benign tumors on his body, which the vet is not worried about. Blew deserves so much love.”

Blew has a had a long life that wasn’t always the best. He deserves a forever home for his golden years that will understand that he needs a calm environment and patient owners to let him learn how to trust.