This is Baby

Oh Baby! This gal won our hearts before we knew it! Baby comes from Texas, where she was found as a stray. She had (what was thought) to be a broken jaw. She couldn’t open it more than a half an inch. She could eat soft food, and drink water but that’s about it. Unfortunately, her rescuer was diagnosed with terminal cancer and has to close down her rescue. Because edge knew Baby would be hard to place, especially where they are located, she asked our Texas partner for help. Well she reached out and of course we needed to help! Since arriving in Ma, Baby has undergone surgery for her jaw. We found that she was actually shot in the face at sometime in her life, and her jaw and cheek bone healed wrong. Surgery was done, and now she has about another inch or two of movement. She can now eat kibble, and pant, and drink water, and eat treats without any issues! She will never be able to open her mouth fully, but it will never prevent her from living a happy, long life. Baby does great with every person she meets. She does well with other dogs, but will require a slow introduction, which is expected after not being able to defend herself for most of her life. Once she has that slow intro, she does great.