Meet Autumn! She is approximately 3 years old and a lab mix. She has been in foster and here’s what her foster mom says:

“Autumn is a very sweet and smart girl! She is quite the people dog, always excited to see her friends in the house or meet new people out on walks.

She’s a big sniffer when we’re out on walks, and enjoys exploring around the city and parks. She matches your energy pretty easily, and can go from energetic play to normal walk mode without any issues if that’s where you direct her. I bet she would love a yard to play in, since our outside playtime has all been on a leash!

Autumn is also a good couch buddy when we get home, and loves to snuggle up with you. She’ll curl up next to you or lay down with her head on your shoulder, and give a nice big sigh.

She has been really good around the house, and will sniff around to explore but doesn’t really interact with much except her toys. If she starts to get into something she shouldn’t (which has only been limited to her blankets), redirection to a chew toy is pretty easy. A good note here, she loves her chew toys! We learned on day 1 that the more durable toys are better, since she will make it her mission to remove any extremity of a soft stuffed toy!

Autumn is my first ever foster dog, and I think I got really lucky with her. I’m super excited for her to find her forever family!”